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TOWN OF GRAND BANK BUDGET HIGHLIGHTS 2019 The Town of Grand Bank adopted its 2019 Balanced Budget of $2.722 million at a regular meeting of Council held on, December 05, 2018. The Town doesn't anticipate having to borrow their share of funding for the Capital Works Program scheduled for 2019. The residential mil rate of 9.5 mils remains unchanged for 2019 as does the commercial mil rate of 10.0 mils. Some taxpayers may, however, see an increase in their property tax bill because of the re-evaluation of their property by the Municipal Assessment Agency which occurs every three years, others may see a decrease. The Water & Sewer taxes for 2019 will remain the same at $396.00 per year. There is no change in the Poll Tax it will remain at $375.00 for 2019. The minimum tax for vacant land will increased from $40.00 per parcel to $50.00 per parcel. The Regional Service Board assesses each household on the Burin Peninsula a $170.00 waste collection fee each year. The Town has been subsidizing this fee to its taxpayers at a rate of $120.00 per household. This subsidy amounts to $135,120.00 annually for the Town. In order to continue the delivery of quality service to its residents, and to help offset the overall cost of municipal operations, the Town will increase the fee from $50.00 to $90.00 in 2019. This is still a saving of $80.00 per household per year on the waste collection fee. To date, over 97% of all taxes have been received for 2018. Council would like to thank the citizens of Grand Bank for their full cooperation in the payment of their municipal taxes in a timely manner. Budget Highlights for 2019 are: 1. The Town is committed to improving municipal infrastructure by doing major upgrades to roads, water and sewer systems, the dam and paving in the community subject to cost-sharing approval by the Federal and Provincial Governments. 2. The Town has made Capital Works applications on a cost-sharing basis to the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment for the 2019-20 Provincial budget for the following projects; - complete the final phase on the Town's dam, estimated cost $664,000.00 - new water/sewer/curb and asphalt for Marine Drive (Museum to Mistywave), estimated cost $1,139,000.00 - Paving project to resurface some of the Town’s main streets, estimated cost $1,331,000.00 - Dismantling and disposal of the Samuel J. Harris Building (Sea King), estimated cost $351,000.00 - Feasibility study for a new Town Hall, estimated cost $58,000.00 3. Paving - A $75,000 paving program is committed to upgrade some areas around our Town. 4. Complete the 1st Phase of the Downtown/Waterfront Redevelopment on a cost-shared basis with the Federal (ACOA) and Provincial Governments on a 90/10 ratio. Estimated cost $1,600,000.00 5. Purchase of equipment for Public Works Department. A new Pick-Up truck and snow basket. 6. Further upgrades to the Nature Trail, Marine Hike, complete with new signage. 7. Upgrades to the warning track with Class A at the Softball Field. 9. Upgrades to the Community Park - new material around playground equipment and new equipment. 10. Fire Hall - New siding on the building. The Finance Committee expresses their pleasure at being able to present a Balanced Budget to Council and the citizens of Grand Bank for 2019. Council feels that the Capital Works Program scheduled for 2019 will continue to enhance and improve the Town's infrastructure. The Town’s management team and Finance Committee have worked diligently on the preparation of this budget. This year’s budget presented some challenges, however, Council found ways to meet the needs of our community with minimum tax increases. A further detailed tax structure for 2019 will be advertised in the Southern Gazette, posted on the Town’s web site, emailed out on the Town’s email list and posted at the Town Office.
Posted on February 3rd, 2019

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