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TOWN OF GRAND BANK BUDGET HIGHLIGHTS 2018 The Town of Grand Bank adopted its 2018 Balanced Budget of $2.677 million at a regular meeting of Council held on, November 20, 2017. Council is pleased to present a balanced budget that will see no tax increases for 2018. The Town doesn't anticipate having to borrow any funding for the Capital Works scheduled for next year. The Water & Sewer taxes for 2018, it will remain the same at $396.00 per year. There is no change in the Poll Tax Rate, it will remain at $375.00 for 2018. The Waste Collection Fee from the Burin Peninsula Regional Service Board will remain at $170.00 per household for 2018. Therefore, Council will continue to subsidize this service to our taxpayers in the amount of $120.00 per household, therefore residents will continue to pay $50 per household in 2018. A further detailed tax structure for 2018 will be advertised in the Southern Gazette, on the Town?s web site and posted at the Town Office. To date, over 98% of all taxes have been received for 2017. The Grand Bank Town Council commends the citizens of Grand Bank for their full cooperation in the payment of taxes in a timely manner. Budget Highlights for 2018 are: 1. The Town of Grand Bank is committed to improving the Town?s infrastructure by doing major asphalt repairs and new water and sewer upgrades in the community. 2. Paving - A $60,000 paving program is committed to upgrade some areas around our Town. 3. The Capital Work Project listed below is approved for 2018. The project is cost shared with the Provincial Government under the 60/40 Capital Works Program. a. Municipal Garage Upgrades - New Roof, siding, windows, garage doors, electrical, etc. The total cost of the project is $529,600 with the Town's share being $193,000. b. The Town has made application to Municipal Affairs and Environment in the amount of $663,290 for the 2018-19 Provincial budget to complete the final phase on the town's dam. 4. Old Road - Extension of Water Main. 5. 1st Phase of the Downtown/Waterfront Redevelopment. 6. Purchase of equipment for Public Works Department. A new Pick-Up truck. 7. Upgrades to Nature Trail. 8. Upgrades to Softball Field. 9. Upgrades to Community Park - new material around equipment and new signage board. 10. Fire Department - A 6500 watt Back-up generator in case of power outages at the Fire Hall. 11. Fire Hall - New roofing on meeting room area of the building. 12. Swimming Pool - Through a 90/10 cost share program with the Provincial Government and ACOA an investment of $296,000 will be made to renovate and modernize the Swimming Pool with new lighting throughout, a new heat and circulation system, electrical and filtration upgrades, new pool heaters, and a new interior color scheme. The Finance Committee expressed their pleasure at being able to present a Balanced Budget to Council and the citizens of Grand Bank for 2018. The due date for taxes will remain at September 30, 2018. Council feels that the Capital Works Program scheduled for 2018 will continue to enhance and improve the Town's infrastructure. The Town?s management team and Finance Committee have worked diligently on the preparation of this budget. This year?s budget presented some challenges, however, Council found ways to meet the needs of our community without having to increase any taxes.
Posted on November 21st, 2017

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