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The Town of Grand Bank's snow clearing operators are directed to use good care and caution when operating on Municipal Streets. The protection of citizens and their property is a high priority for council when plowing streets during the winter. However, there are times when major snow falls makes plowing the narrow streets very challenging, and inadvertently, through no fault of the operator, there is damage to some fences or property in the community. Should this occur, citizens need to immediately report the damage to the Town Hall and complete a damage claim form. Town Staff will verify the damages, and if everything is in order, the fence will be repaired in the spring. In 2019 no damage claims from snow clearing operations by municipal employees will be accepted after APRIL 30th. We ask all citizens who have fences bordering municipal streets, or look out to other people's property while they are away, to keep this date in mind. April 30th, 2019 will be the Town's deadline for accepting any damage claims to fences or property due to snow clearing operations by the Town. Anyone who has signed a waiver with the Town regarding their fence does not qualify to have their fence repaired by the Town.
Posted on February 3rd, 2019

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